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Want to sound smarter? Master these 7 grammar tips


As the executive editor of Avenue Magazine, a luxury lifestyle publication based in New York City, I see the importance of proper grammar every day. But you don’t have to work in publishing to realize the necessity of good writing. Misplaced commas, an incorrect spelling, or a missing hyphen can change the meaning of a sentence.

Language rules exist for clarity. A classic example is the sentence “Let’s eat mom,” which reads much differently from “Let’s eat, mom.” In the first, the writer is having her mom for dinner. In the second, she is urging her mom to eat with her.

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Job Interview Tips: Six Steps To A Salary Increase


Trade wars continue to impact the overall jobs picture, with a soft report in May and expectations that June's results (out on July 7) will reflect further on this trend. But the macroeconomic picture doesn't necessarily mean that you should back off from talking about a raise - the time might be right for you to elevate your salary. Here's how to navigate that leadership conversation.

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31 unprofessional habits that annoy everyone you work with


Many of these office faux pas, however, may be avoided — you just need to know what it is that drives everyone around you nuts.

For the sake of your office companions, take a moment to remind yourself what behavior at work may be getting on someone’s last nerve.

Here are 31 habits that might be annoying the heck out of your coworkers (or out of you).

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Can you be friends with your boss? Career expert reveals the dos and don'ts of office relationships


Workplace relationships can be challenging to navigate, particularly when it comes to manager friendships and adding your boss and colleagues on social media.

But author and leadership specialist Shelley Flett has done the hard work for all Australians and outlined exactly what is and isn't acceptable behaviour as an employee.

Flett has had many friendships with former colleagues but she said it does require 'extra thought' compared to regular relationships. 

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Race and Age Impact Tech Salaries


In 2018, the salaries offered Asian tech workers in the United States surpassed those offered to their white counterparts for the first time. Meanwhile, salaries offered black tech professionals slipped further behind. Those are the conclusions of an annual study of tech salaries conducted by job search firm Hired that analyzed 420,000 interview requests and job offers going out to some 98,000 job seekers during the past year.

In addition to painting an overall picture of the engineering job market in different regions of the world, Hired considered the impact of race and age on salaries. It calculated that in 2018, U.S. employers offered Asian tech job seekers an average annual salary of $137,000, while white job seekers were offered $135,000, Hispanic job seekers were offered $128,000, and black job seekers were offered $124,000. And that gap between the highest and lowest offers had widened significantly since 2017, from $6,000 to $13,000.

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36 things you should never say to your boss


Getting along with your boss can be great, especially when it makes the daily grind that much more enjoyable.

You may even feel so close to your boss that you hang out after work or invite them to your wedding. But at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that your friend is still your superior, and there’s a line you probably shouldn’t cross. Honesty is the best policy in the workplace — but like any rule, this one has a few exceptions.

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