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These Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs Are Paving The Way For Future Generations

Fifteen years ago, Teara Fraser decided she wanted to be a pilot. A member of the Métis Nation of Northwest Territories, Fraser was always drawn by the allure of flying, not only by the mechanics of it but by what it represented.

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These are the traits the worst managers have in common

We hear all the time about what great leaders should be like.

  • How they’re empathetic
  • How they’re humble, yet driven
  • How they’re transparent, ethical, inspiring

But what about the traits that make for poor leaders? I’ve worked for a variety of editors and CEOs over my career — for leaders who were inspiring and for leaders who were cancerous — and in reflecting on what sort of leader I want to be, now, I draw from those negative experiences just as often as I do the positive ones.

Ultimately, I believe we have to know how not to operate in order to be the most effective versions of ourselves.

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Acting like a psychopath is great for male CEOs, not so much for women

With all the corporate scandals of late, chances are you've heard the statement that one in five CEOs is a "psychopath." But a new study in the Journal of Applied Psychology concludes that figure may be overblown. Corporate leaders are only slightly more likely to have strong psychopathic tendencies than other groups—and CEOs that exhibit those tendencies are less likely to be viewed as effective leaders.

More significantly, there is a pronounced gender gap between how men and women are perceived when they exhibit psychopathic traits. It can give men a slight advantage when moving up through management ranks. But women are perceived much more negatively because those traits run counter to social gender norms, and thus women don't reap the same benefits in terms of career advancement.

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5 Myths about Income Inequality Debunked

he issue of economic inequality is all the rage these days. It encompasses numerous arguments about a wide range of topics. Let us review and rebut several common ones.

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Eating This Type of Midnight Snack Could Boost Your Metabolism

Eating late at night isn’t great for your diet, and there are all sorts of tips and tricks people turn to in order to avoid unnecessary snacking after dinner. But sometimes you can't help but reach for a snack because you're actually hungry—and it turns out that choosing to snack on protein-rich food, rather than empty calories (think: chicken breast versus potato chips), is much better for you, says Jamie Vespa, MS, RD.

A new study shows there could be other benefits to eating a protein-rich snack at night—like jumpstarting your metabolism, building muscle tone, and boosting overall health.

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Making Self-Driving Cars Safe for the World, Through Simulation

Personal trainer Emily Syke's reveals the go-to meal for her impressive abs - and why weights ALWAYS beat cardio for creating a lean physique.

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