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Forget the MBA. Here’s the fastest way to become a product manager


A lot has been written about what product management is and what a product manager does, but the fact is it’s still a nascent field and every company views it differently. Product management isn’t even a formal role in many companies, especially startups. One of the founders wears that hat until they become big enough to formalize the function.

But if we step back and look at all the startup successes and failures from the past decade, it’s clear that product management is more of an art than science. Looking back, products like Uber or AirBnB seem obvious; but looking forward, it’s impossible to predict what the next Uber or AirBnB will be.

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Open source technology trends 2019


The 451 Research report can probably be considered a conservative estimation now, with Docker driving forward its pivot to the enterprise - and considering the popularity of the Google-born Kubernetes container orchestration system, the cash value of the market probably does not reflect usage.

Not only is Kubernetes adoption growing quickly in the developer world, it is also increasingly informing major enterprise purchasing decisions (see investment - below) such as VMware buying Heptio for a cool half billion dollars.Containers

The move to microservices and open technologies like containers - Docker and Kubernetes in particular - are helping businesses package up their legacy applications and put them in the cloud.

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How to Become a Data Scientist


5 Steps to Becoming a Data Scientist

Step 1 Find out if it's really for you.

Step 2 Choose an academic path.

Step 3 Choose an area of concentration.

Step 4 Get certified.

Step 5 Get hired!

Data Scientist Salary & Job Growth

In 2018, Business Insider referred to the data science profession as "the best job in America right now." A large part of that has to do with the remarkably high level of career satisfaction reported by people in the industry. Another part is the hefty salaries associated with the career, which can run deep into the six figures.

According to salary research site Glassdoor, the average annual base pay for data scientists is $120,931 — and that's not including the $11,772 in additional cash compensation the average data scientist receives. Salary site PayScaleexamined the median salary and determined that a data scientist in the 50th percentile can expect to earn $90,807 a year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which refers to the broader occupation as "computer and information scientists," lists the median annual salary as $114,520.

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Here's Exactly How Much You Should Walk Per Week to Burn Belly Fat — and See Results


Spot-reducing belly fat just isn't possible, no matter how many ab workouts you do. It's inconvenient, but don't panic — that doesn't mean that belly fat is there for good. Through a combination of exercise and diet, you can definitely work to reduce your overall body fat, and that includes around the belly area. According to Jackie Vick, NCSF, Gold's Gym certified personal trainer and GOLD'S AMP coach, walking is a great way to reduce body fat and build lean muscle. It burns calories and, she added, "is one of the easiest forms of exercise to incorporate into your fitness regimen."

Another benefit: you engage your core while walking, according to Natalie Hough, NASM, a personal trainer for Bach in Los Angeles. That, combined with core-strengthening exercises, can help to flatten your belly. As with any weight-loss regimen, though, you'll need to burn more calories than you consume to see that ab definition.

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If you've ever shunned a session of HIIT in exchange for a good old-fashioned soak, rest assured, you probably didn't do yourself any harm.

In fact, research suggests that taking a hot bath actually simulates many of the same health benefits triggered by exercise, perhaps suggesting that you should spend more time relaxing and less time hitting the pavement.

How do we know this? Researchers at the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine at the University of Loughborough in the UK recruited 14 men and assigned them to either an hour of cycling or an hour-long bath (we know which one we'd choose) and concluded that those who spent their time soaking achieved similar health benefits to those who exercised.

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As any trainer worth their free weights will tell you, a strong core is key to pretty much a strong everything else. But there’s one problem: Holding a plank for a minute-and-a-half for the sake of getting stronger is A) hard and B) boring as hell.

Thanks to Le Sweat founder Charlee Atkins, you can light that core afire without having to pop into plank pose for any longer than 30 seconds. In honor of our Trainer of the Month Club’s week two ab challenge, she shares a no-equipment workout that will help you get a more powerful core in seven minutes flat.

After week one’s no-equipment abs workout left our center’s burning (seriously—we did them in the office every day for a week, and it was hard), week two’s workout is meant to take that strength and apply it to your whole body. And, it’s worth noting, Atkins’ tips from last week still hold true. “In all of these core exercises, the focus is to stabilize the core around the spine,” she told us. “So in any supine (or lying) exercises the emphasis is pressing the lower back into the ground. And for any prone exercises the focus is on keeping a flat back, head in line with hips or heels, depending on exercise.”

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