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THE WHOLE HUMAN The 3-step evening ritual that will make you happy


What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you? Something that you still think about or still affects you to this day.

Hold that thought, okay? Right now we need to do storytime with Uncle Eric:

More than thirty years ago there was a guy named Jamie, his marriage was in the toilet, and he was utterly depressed. Despite having big problems, he didn’t go to a therapist. (Which is ironic because Jamie was a graduate student in psychology, of all things.)

Instead he started writing. A lot. He wrote about his marriage, his career, his childhood. He basically covered every serious issue in his life and how he felt about it. And then something happened…

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25 Amazing Ivy League Classes You Can Take Online for Free in 2019


If you resolved to further your education in 2018, there are plenty of opportunities to do so without leaving home. Free college courses are abundant online, and the convenience doesn't necessarily mean you have to compromise on quality. For the best, tuition-free education the internet has to offer, check out these free Ivy League classes compiled by Quartz.


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10 Simple Truths About Building Wealth And Getting Rich


No matter how they define success, money plays at least a small role for most people. So does building wealth -- maybe not Oprah money, but the kind of wealth that provides a certain degree of financial freedom. So we download the latest apps. We listen t0 podcasts on personal finance. We spend hours setting up a new web-based financial management system that will organize our finances.

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This simple mental hack could help you overcome anxiety


Imagine you’re doing something that gives you anxiety or causes you stress. Maybe you’re about to have a difficult conversation with your boss, or perhaps you’re getting ready for a party where you’ll bump into people you haven’t seen in ages. If your heart is starting to beat faster, you’re not alone. But what if a simple perspective shift could help you manage the clammy hands and racing heartbeat that come with your anxiety — and even help you to be a little thankful for what you’re feeling?

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Here's Why You Don't Need to Exercise for Hours a Week to Look and Feel Better, According to Science


That's according to a study recently published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. Researchers split 34 fit male participants into three groups and had them do five, three or one set of several common weight lifting exercises. Respectively, this took 70 minutes, 40 minutes and 13 minutes a session. They did the same workout three times a week for two months and all three groups showed significant--and similar--gains in strength. So, why push yourself for over an hour to get stronger, when only 13 minutes has the same effect?

Four Simple Ways To Become An Authority In Your Field


Becoming an authority in your field is a great way to stand out from the competition and position yourself as a go-to thought leader. It unlocks career opportunities you would never imagine and levels of success you wouldn't necessarily reach otherwise. It all starts with sharing your expertise, says Liam Austin is the cofounder of Entrepreneurs HQ, a daily email making it easy to action the marketing tactics of proven entrepreneurs. Then it becomes a matter of staying consistent with building your personal brand and finding opportunities to share your knowledge.

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