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This is how to stop taking yourself too seriously

When we take ourselves too seriously, we believe everything revolves around us. That’s why we fear ridicule: We don’t want to face that we’re not that special.

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Want to Be a Master Conversationalist? Harvard Research Says You Have to Fix This First

 Informative, empathetic, meaningful conversations are the lifeblood of a rich social and business life. So you'd think that, since we talk to each other every single day, we'd have some inkling of when conversations really should end.

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Forbes Announces 15th Annual World's 100 Most Powerful Women List

The World’s Most Powerful Women are Leading Amidst a Tumultuous Time - The List Represents the Smartest and Toughest Female Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Philanthropists and CEOs in the World Today.

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Here's How the World's Most In-Demand Freelancers Get Great Assignments--And Paid Top Dollar

That side hustle has become many people's main hustle--and as a result, the freelancermarket is heavily saturated. There are pretty much always tons of freelancers available to take on work -- which in theory means brands have tons of options when they need quality work done. But the key word here is quality: It's crucial, but not all freelancers deliver it. At my company, Masthead Media, we rely heavily on freelancers for everything from writing, to editing and project management; and because we're determined never to let our clientsdown, we just won't work with freelancers who let us down.

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Science Says the Most Successful Kids Have Parents Who Do These 3 Things

Want to know one of the biggest predictors of success in life? A happy childhood. Of course, for parents making it happen means doing all the common-sense things, such as proving adequate food, shelter and as much love and emotional support as possible. But recent studies have found there are a few other simple ways parents can be helping their kids have an edge in life.

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4 bad work habits you should break before age 35

With over a decade of work experience under your belt, you should be able to set aside some not-so-great habits that may have hindered your past progress.

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