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9 Inspiring Quotes From Self-Made Billionaire and Spanx Founder Sara Blakely

Before launching the billion-dollar company Spanx, its founder Sara Blakely wanted to become a lawyer. However, after scoring too low on the law school admissions test, she switched gears and went into sales. Selling fax machines door to door for the company, Danka, Blakely realized her knack for business, and quickly rose up the corporate ladder. It was also during her time at Danka that Blakely came up with her billion-dollar idea for Spanx.

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EXECUTIVES AT TECH companies say gender diversity matters. They opine that there aren’t enough women in tech, and express outrage and frustration that just 11 percent of senior tech leaders are women. But in reality they spend very little of their philanthropic dollars attempting to close this gender and race gap, according to new research released today by Melinda Gates in partnership with McKinsey & Company.

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What does it take to be a woman working in Malayalam cinema?

In the month before Anjali Menon’s Koode released, excitement about the film reached fever pitch. This was to be the filmmaker’s first directorial project since Bangalore Days (2014), one of the biggest blockbusters in the history of Malayalam cinema, and the industry and fans were eager to see what she would deliver next. This kind of anticipation is unusual for a female director in Malayalam cinema, which usually reserves its adulation for its male superstars.

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Being a female founder is still a competitive advantage

Steph Korey, the co-founder of the e-commerce luggage startup Away, was about to give a talk at a conference of CEOs when one of the attendees approached her in the hall.

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Is Office Politics a White Man’s Game?

Love it or hate it, office politics is an inevitable part of organizational life. Many people associate political behavior with backstabbing and manipulation — but there is a constructive side to being politically savvy. Being able to negotiate, influence, engage, convince, and persuade others is how things get done in organizations — and how organizations decide what’s worth doing at all. Developing political skill reduces stress and enhances performance, reputation, promotability, and career progression at work. A 2008 survey of 250 managers in the UK revealed that 90% of them believed that political skill is required to succeed and to improve one’s career prospects. This has been further supported by numerous research studies that make the case for engaging in office politics. While the link between political skill and career success is firmly established, there is a problem: Office politics doesn’t work for everyone in the same way.

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Making Self-Driving Cars Safe for the World, Through Simulation

In the 20th century, *non*-autonomous, human-driven cars not only gave people all over the world freedom and independence in a completely new way, but catalyzed massive economic growth and development — leading to the incredible rise of modern cities, suburbs, hotels, restaurants, retail shopping, theme parks, tourism… and a thousand other things that make our lives better and that we all now take for granted.

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